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Tyyppi AKL3
Tuote ID 2TKA001680G1
EAN 6410011525326
Snro 1152532
Nimi Valaisinpistorasia
Valaisinpistorasia, pistorasiapesä AKK13J
Kuvaus Valaisinripustuskanteen AKK13J on mahdollista asentaa toinen valaisinpistorasia, jolla saadaan asennettua maadoitettu kruunuvalopiste. Tällöin kanteen on asennettava AKL3:n mukana toimitettava pitempi ripustuskoukku.
Pakkaus 5/100
Yksikkö KPL




ETIM 7: EC000125
ETIM 8: EC000125


Model: Other
Protective contact: yes
Protective earth pin round: yes
Number of active pins (round): 1
Number of active pins (flat): 0
With signal lamp: no
With built-in USB power supply: no
Number of units: 1
Number of modules (module system): 0
Number of socket outlets switchable: 1
Number of phases: 1
Imprint/indication: None
Connection type: Other
With hinged lid: no
With enhanced contact protection: no
Label space/information surface: no
Colour: White
RAL-number (similar): 9010
Metallic colour: no
Transparent: no
Lockable: no
Eject-mechanism: no
Insulated mounting: no
With function lighting: no
With orientation lighting: no
Over voltage protection: no
Fault current protection: no
With miniature fuse: no
Special power supply: No special power supply
Mounting method: Other
Type of fastening: Other
Material: Plastic
Material quality: Thermoplastic
Halogen free: yes
Surface protection: Untreated
Surface finishing: Matt
Anti-bacterial treatment: no
With on/off switch: no
With loop through function: no
Rotated central insert: no
Nominal current: 6 A
Nominal voltage: 250 V
Frequency: 50 … 60 Hz
Suitable for degree of protection (IP): IP20
Impact strength: IK00
Width of device: 50 mm
Height of device: 32 mm
Depth of device: 28 mm
Compatible with Apple HomeKit: no
Compatible with Google Assistant: no
Min. depth of built-in installation box: 28 mm
Compatible with Amazon Alexa: no
IFTTT support available: no


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