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Tyyppi AU19
EAN 6410011521199
Snro 1152119
Nimi Jakorasia
Kuvaus Irtonysäjakorasiaan AU19 voidaan liittää kahdeksan irtonysää sivuille ja neljä pohjanysää. Seinäasennuksessa rasia voidaan kiinnittää rasiatuella PMR577. Rasia soveltuu hyvin matalaan asennustilaan. Rasian korkeus, 47 mm, on sama kuin kojerasioilla. Valmistettu halogeenittomasta materiaalista (IEC/61249-2-21) ja täyttää hehkulankatestin vaatimukset standardin IEC/EN60670: 2005 (850 °C) mukaan.
Pakkaus 100/
Yksikkö KPL




ETIM 7: EC002601


Mounting method: Flush mounted (plaster)
Shape: Round
Construction type: Cable junction box
Model: Single
Provided with revolving ring: no
Can be coupled: yes
Equipped with: None
Diameter: 94 mm
Depth: 47 mm
Internal depth: 45 mm
For number of electric fittings: 1
Mounting switching equipment: Screwing
With screws: yes
Housing feed-through by break-out opening: no
Housing feed-through by seal membrane: no
Housing feed-through by nozzle: no
Housing feed-through by step membrane: no
For tube diameter: 20/25 mm
Pipe locking: yes
Pipe locking optional: no
Inlet from the rear: yes
Number of inlets: 0
Number of included spouts: 0
Material: Plastic
Halogen free: yes
Surface protection: Untreated
Colour: White
Degree of protection (IP): Other
Transparent cover: no
Cover attachment: Snapped on
Sealable: no
Circuit integrity: None
With screening: no
Wind proof: no
Max. conductor cross section: 0 mm²
Number of poles of the clamp: 0
Clamp position fixed: no
Luminaire hook mounting: no
Nozzle: None
With nail lugs: yes
Special application: None